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Ris or Phyog-ris in Tibetan means "one-sided", "partisan" or "sectarian". Med means "No". Ris-med (Wylie), or Rimé, therefore means "no sides", "non-partisan" or "non-sectarian". It does not mean "non-conformist" or "non-committal"; nor does it mean forming a new School or system that is different from the existing ones. A person who believes the Rimé way almost certainly follows one lineage as his or her main practice. He or she would not dissociate from the School in which he or she was raised. Kongtrul was raised in the Nyingma and Kagyu traditions; Khentse was reared in a strong Sakyapa tradition. They never failed to acknowledge their affiliation to their own Schools.
Rimé is not a way of uniting different Schools and lineages by emphasising their similarities. It is basically an appreciation of their differences and an acknowledgement of the importance of having this variety for the benefit of practitioners with different needs. Therefore the Rimé teachers always take great care that the teachings and practices of the different Schools and lineages and their unique styles do not become confused with one another. To retain the original style and methods of each teaching lineage preserves the power of that lineage experience. Kongtrul and Khentse made great efforts to retain the original flavour of each teaching, while making them available to many.
Kongtrul writes about Khentse in his biography of the latter.

"Many people these days become involved and confused in the assertion and negation of so-called philosophical differences such as Rangtong and Shentong, etc. They try to win everybody over to their side to the point of breaking their necks! When he (Khentse Rinpoche) taught, he would give the teachings of each lineage clearly and intelligibly without confusing the terms and concepts of other teachings. He would then advise his students and would say:

'The ultimate subject we need to define is the Ultimate Nature, or Dharmata, of phenomena. The Prajna-paramita Sutra says, "Dharmata is not knowable (with the intellectual mind) and cannot be perceived in concepts". Even Ngog Lotsawa, the jewel on the head of all Tibetan logicians, says, "The Ultimate Truth is not only beyond the dimension of language and expression, but it is also beyond intellectual understanding". The Ultimate Nature cannot be fully measured by our samsaric mind. The great saints (
Siddhas) and scholars examined it from different aspects, and each of the ways outlined by them has many reasons and logical sequences. If we follow the tradition of our own lineage and study our own lineage masters in depth, we shall find no need to feel sectarian. However, if we confuse the terms and systems of different traditions, or if we try to introduce the ways of other systems because we do not have a deep understanding of our own tradition, we shall surely make our minds as muddled as the yarns of a bad weaver. The problem of being unable to explain our own traditional teachings arises out of ignorance of our own studies. If this happens, we lose our confidence in our own traditions; neither are we able to copy from others. We become a laughing stock for other scholars. Therefore it is best to understand thoroughly the teachings of our own School.'

This way we can see the harmony of all paths. All teachings can be seen as instructions and therefore the roots of sectarian feelings should shrivel and die. The Lord Buddha's teachings will take root in our minds. The doors to the 84,000 groups of teachings will open up at one time."

Rimé concept was not original to Kongtrul and Khentse - neither were they new to Buddhism! The Lord Buddha forbade his students even to criticise the teachings and teachers of other religions and cultures. The message was so strong and unambiguous that Chandra Kirti had to defend Nagarjuna's treatises on Madhyamika by saying, "If, by trying to understand the truth, you dispel the misunderstandings of some people and thereby some philosophies are damaged - that cannot be taken as criticising the views of others" (Madhyamika-avatara). A true Buddhist cannot be but non-sectarian and Rimé in their approach.


Gelugpa (orDge-lugs-pa or Gelukpa, "School of the Virtuous"), also called the Yellow Hats, is the youngest of the Tibetan schools, but is today the largest and the most important. It was founded in the late 14th century by Tsongkhapa, who "enforced strict monastic discipline, restored celibacy and the prohibition of alcohol and meat, established a higher standard of learning for monks, and, while continuing to respect the Vajrayana tradition of esotericism that was prevalent in Tibet, allowed Tantric and magical rites only in moderation."Practices are centered on achieving concentration through meditation and arousing the bodhisattva within. Three large monasteries were quickly established near Lhasa: at Dga'ldan (Ganden) in 1409, 'Bras-spungs (Drepung) in 1416, and Se-ra in 1419. The abbots of the 'Bras-spungs monastery first received the title Dalai Lama in 1578. The Gelugpa school has held political leadership of Tibet since the Dalai Lamas were made heads of state by the Mongol leader Güüshi Khan in 1642.


Sakyapa is today the smallest of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It is named for the Sakya ("Gray Earth") monastery in sourthern Tibet. The Sakya monastery was founded in 1073 by abbots from the Khön family. The abbots were devoted to the transmission of a cycle of Vajrayana teachings called "path and goal" (Lamdre), the systematization of Tantric teachings, and Buddhist logic. The Sakyapa school had great political influence in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The life we create

This idea sound like “ The secret” but do that really work ?

Today I will speak on one experience, I study since I have take refuge with my lama, because this teaching appear to me in same time.

Some of us call that the law of attraction, some others call that the karma, cause and effect, whatever we speak about that the same result happy or not.

Dzongchen Kempo Choga rinpoche teaching speak about bad thinking is bad karma, good thinking is good karma, and all the though we got good or bad create our experiences that the reason we change our mind to turn to the virtues for the sake of others.

The wheel of sharp weapon talk about that the bodhisattvas are able to come in hostile environment and change it in good.

So the real question is virtue or not, in this why we should live a life without meaning I think by that, why we should live a catastrophic situation when we are in possibility to change it ?

A story about that, a man living in Bangalore that not Europe or USA talk of his experiences and since a long time ago I read this kind of story I was septic until I saw some of my buddhist friend was also using that and doing that, even one of my friends she have make her life with that so yes that possible, let's talk about my experience of this week, because that working in good or bad, all you want you will have it be sure of that, all you don't want you will have it to, OK now talking about my experience, talk about someone he will appear for few day I have talk about a friend and we see him not so often, this day we just cross him that what we do everyday for this reason don't look to the media you want see the reason, what talk media all time bad things happening and what go strait to you mind I talk about conscience and subconscious, Milarepa himself say we got mind imprint and to change it we have to work on it because that what create samsara state of mind.

So imagine when we got brain wash by all kind of media ! So we got mind imprint from past life and this life to, this mind imprint block us in all kind of way, but the good things we can change it, so now talk about what say Khempo Choga and karma is thinking and also the law of attraction, what I call the creative mind, Karmapa Trinley Thaye dorje say the mind is the most big and small thing the most strong in the universe if I show you all this statement that to proof you, we are totally in charge of life whatever we think at the end.

One others question arise why not live the life we want in stead of live average but the life we want isn't necessary ultra rich for that all our choice some that up to us to create the life we want to live and all what is around us and come to us good or bad is part of our karma and like the buddha say another good thing we can change it, so what the attitude we should take as buddhist I have talk to that to lot of masters and also friends have help me on that and yes create the life we want but with purpose that the difference with simple view of the secret for example, yes you can become billionaire and help all kind of association around the world like Bill Gates do why not ? If you take others in this process you cut the selfish thinking then you can say to yourself that really what I want to share with you this experience start years ago and now I finally get it and want to share with you because yes you can change your life, you can be like you want and you can realise enlightenment in one life and help others in the way that don't mean you cannot have the life you desire yes you can, the only things I know don't be attach to it I learn that the more you want something the less you will get, karma and mind work like that attachment mean sufferance, yes put what you want in book you write on it, writing one time and think sometimes look at it let it go and let your mind do the rest, but you must know what you really want because for example you want a job but you goal is to be entrepreneur that will make a conflict, you should work on that way you want be entrepreneur and have everything you need for if it's a job that will come to you no worry you create the scene and you are the director and actor in same time remember life is dream like say karmapa we can chose to live like a dream or live like nightmare, when we live like a dream we should help those who live life like nightmare.

So yes you can create life you want that the reason lama always told us to take of what you say, do and think because when we think bad of something we hurting someone on all kind of way, when we say something like say the 16 karmapa all our word are mantras that create and do something to us and others, all action we do start by thinking that the reason we should not just thinking selfish but for others, yes we are the 100 % responsible of our life what bring us in the place we are that our past thinking and action, speech, karma means action our action start from thinking always. This post wasn't just a study from what people call the law of attraction but a study of karma, there's always good and bad karma coming to us but we can always change the course of it by the developing the good positive attitude Shamarpa say when we still got bad emotion that the proof of bad karma, now that really clear that we can change our life now, the focus on the good in your life do the good to you and other in your life, wish the good for you and other in your life you will always have good, wish to realise enlightenment and you will realise the ultimate happiness whatever we wish always come good or bad.  

Friday, 22 February 2013


This concept is kind tricky because some people use this concept to simply take control of our life, saying that the reality what's kind of totally wrong.

So what's the definition of reality, the Buddha say the reality is no more than an illusion, Buddhist say reality is no more than a dream, so who say that the reality is maybe totally wrong that only his our her perception of reality .

Life empowerment, we are empower by our environment and we become slave of what we call reality, but we are not, we think we depend on others because we don't get up, we think we have this or this wrong but what is our environment ?

Computer technology and TV news paper are always empower us with bad and even worst news .

July 26 2011 Depression affect, 121 million people worldwide in 18 countries  

Based on detailed interviews with over 89,000 people, the results showed that 15% of the population from high-income countries (compared to 11% for low/middle-income countries) were likely to get depression over their lifetime with 5.5% having had depression in the last year. MDE were elevated in high-income countries (28% compared to 20%) and were especially high (over 30%) in France, the Netherlands, and America. The country with the lowest incidence was China at 12% but, in contrast, MDE were very common in India (at almost 36%)

If we look to that statistics most of the western world is falling into depression and that the sad part but why ?

Maybe because we are to much attach on what we call our reality, the Buddha say attachment is suffering, but all this obstacles we are condition ourself everyday to suffer more just by looking to the news tell me if when we get up we look to our computer look to this horrible news saying there's more unemployed people tell me if that can change our mood ?

Should we more aware in the real term of our beings and not in the way we find the excuse everyday to fall in this easy depressive mood and do nothing, should we stop this TV, COMPUTER for a long time and say that not my reality any more .

Milarepa the affair of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation.

Should we maybe change our mind to change our reality ?

All this questions are simple we are all the definition of our reality, all our trough make our reality and no mistakes if you living in internal fear or whatever kind of bad things we let inside of us, the cause and effect will never miss, all of this is like venom and we don't heal ourself because sometimes we are lazy, we find more excuse and blame others, so there's no blame for ourself and others we have always the choice to take the option to be depress or be positive but that all up to us not in this dream we call reality because reality is what we see and think but we cannot see for others that wrong .

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lama Kyenno

Namo Guru.
Lama, think of us.
Kind Root Lama think of us.”

Today I think to the kindness of my root lama, without him I will be not in this path, the first day I meet him he drive me to my root lama the 17 th Karmapa, he teach me the basis to go forward and when I was faraway another kind master appear to show the road to my other root lama Garchen Rinpoche.

To this both great master who I see like my masters I have to say first thank you, now let's start the story, so imagine a lost countryside of France with just field and cow no more, so you can also imagine that just a get a piece of something it's even much harder.

I was sincerely in this kind of situation to get a job you take what is in front of you and when there's nothing you just stay like that, but my quest of looking for the truth stop here to start also here, with this word knocking my head from this strange dream “look for enlightenment”.
I know what that mean I have read that on the buddha teaching, but here where find a real qualify master, I talk to some master from the Theravada buddhist but the method sound good, I have already work on this I still work everyday something is good I recognise what is what.

So now I look on internet I need a real centres when I can go and practice, I look on internet I saw two centre one is really faraway the other is lost in countryside, finally I decide to go to the one in the countryside, I call the guy in charge sound cool OK no time to waite I have to do it.
Few day after I go for the session of Chenrezig, I taste the real tibetan buddhism sound kind of familiar for me, even if I don't understand the tibetan, later I learn a Lama is coming my heart beat 280 bpm OK the master and yes you can take refuge so I decide to take refuge, we got a teaching this Lama is lama Teunsang a great master, I feel deep inside he got a connection with the spiritual master I looking for his really compassionate and wise in same time is himself a pure example of master I follow his directive .

Later on in the second year after have develop a good understanding try to build a practice with Lama Teunsang I hear that his holiness is coming to France and I was when this great master is coming and where, it was 2 hours drive from where I was to make short I work hard to go there and the first time I meet Karmapa coming on I knew I was my master from past life, I know also Lama Teunsang was is activity so until now I there're my master and I follow them even if the karma for now have put me really faraway from them I still follow like shadow there path and try to do my best but at one point since I was back from France and the teaching of Shamarpa is also my master, I was kind of lost like really lost my path was kind of not moving with the flow and nothing was good.

Lot of question was haunting my mind, so I search until one day I fist see yogi of Tibet and everything they say on it for me sound and resonate to my heart and mind and I saw Garchen Rinpoche talking on it saying something was really reasoning for me, the time before go to France, I was listening teaching when I can and one of the place I found really good teaching was with both Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, I have both talk to them and there are part of my dharma roots to, I receive great Dzongchen teaching from monk from Nygmapa, all of this plus the teaching of Shamarpa have gave me great roots but now I want my tree to grow up more, I was looking for something about Milarepa because his for me my lama from all time, so I found a site from Drikung Kagyu and I was really amaze by all this teaching was free to download but one master knock my head Garchen Rinpoche, so I dowload all the teaching from the site and listen the teaching from Garchen rinpoche and all this teaching gave me te light I was looking for, later on, on the window of the shop of friend I saw Dorzin Rinpoche is coming to Edinburgh same pastern than Lama Teunsang I jump on it ., take refuge with him after few days of teaching and empowerment he told me Garchen Rinpoche is my root lama.

All this story to told you never give up to find your lama or also when you are lost the faith in teaching the lama you need will always appear in the right time to teach you, also a tree don't grow on one roots, since that time I take every teaching from every lama even master for my point of view sound wise and have bodhicitta as the sikh guru and so on, because I understand this simple statement we can have one or even two or thee or whatever roots masters and plus that we can have also master are roots for our spiritual grows never refuse a teaching from a lama, may this story inspire you may all beings be happy. 

The Kagyupa

The Kagyu,Kagyupa, orKagyud (bka' brgyud pa) school, also known as the "Oral Lineage" or Whispered Transmission school, is today regarded as one of six main schools (chos lugs) of Himalayan or Tibetan buddhism, the other five being the Nyingma, Sakya, Jonang, Bon and Gelug. Along with the Sekya and Gelug schools, the Kagyu is classified as one of the sarma or "New Transmission" schools since it primarily follows the Vajrayana or Tantric teachings based on the so-called New Tantras, i.e., those translated during the second diffusion of the Buddha Dharma in Tibet.
Like all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, the Kagyu consider their practices and teachings inclusive of the full range of Buddha's teachings , since they follow the fundamental teachings and vows of individual liberation and monastic discipline . Those teachings in turn accord with the Mulasarvastivada tradition of the sravakayana, the Bodhisattva teachings, vows of universal liberation and philosophy of the mahayana and the profound means and samaya pledges of the Secret Mantra Vajrayana.
What differentiates the Kagyu from the other schools of Himalayan Buddhism are primarily the particular esoteric instructions and tantras they emphasize and the lineages of transmission they follow.
Due to the Kagyu tradition's particularly strong emphasis on guru devotion and guru yoga, and the personal transmission of esoteric instructions (dam ngag or man ngag) from master to disciple, the early Kagyu tradition soon gave rise to a bewildering number of independent sub-schools or sub-sects centered round individual charismatic Kagyu teachers and the hereditary lineages as well as mindstream emanation lineages.

Its teachings were brought to Tibet by Marpa the Translator, an 11th century Tibetan householder who traveled to India to study under the master yogin Naropa and gather Buddhist scriptures. Marpa's most important student was Milarepa, to whom Marpa passed on his teachings only after subjecting him to trials of the utmost difficulty. In the 12th century, the physician Gampopa synthesized the teachings of Marpa and Milarepa into an independent school. As its name indicates, this school of Tibetan Buddhism places particular value on the transmission of teachings from teacher to disciple. The central teaching is the "great seal" (mahamudra), which is a realization of emptiness, freedom from samsara and the inseparability of these two. The basic practice of mahamudra is "dwelling in peace," and it has thus been called the "Tibetan Zen." Also central to the Kagyupa schools are the Six Doctrines of Naropa (Naro Chödrug), which are meditation techniques that partially coincide with the teachings of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Learn all ways then learn your way them the way become your own way

Today after an exhausting day I feel to talk about a bit of my life, for one reason because I came from the Generation x those who have get nothing on this earth by collective karma or whatever some us have learn to change what was curse into blessing, I have get inspire by this peoples who still self educated in my life .

I learn not by choice life was not so easy, drop out from high school I jump on the night sound engineer course and learn more about the sound I was doing everyday, but after that I learn with time that no diploma give you the key to career when I stop to be music professional .

I have work again for the music but in sales and do whatever to do to in this time was survive, but one again that was not the life and like I have say in start of this blog, younger I was looking for answers instate of looking in pop culture was already boring, I have decide to follow the wise first spiritual and than I have also look to leader as Malcolm X and Gandhi, but was not enough in our time we are lucky to have in same time the knowledge and wisdom of the east and west so I decide firmly to follow first the Tibetan buddhism, the Tibetan shop of my block full of books of the teaching of the buddha was the first I really study and still studding and also the great teaching from the Dao.

When I was kid I was doing martial arts and I have always remember that so this philosophie have take place also in my way, Musashi and all the bushido also bodhidharma and Milarepa still my great examples, so until this time I build my life education around that .

So why this story, approaching my 34 years observing this world and something I learn with the time that is the world isn't a welcoming world, Garchen Rinpoche say that just see what's happened in Fukushima is pure prove of hell in earth, so no sorry to be rude but this world is ruff, yes since I was young I was always saying this expression “life is a battlefield” when I was kid I have relate the golf war and life together how we sometimes forget our buddha nature and become self drive by our negative emotions and so on.
The generation in this life time have show me one thing, sadly but truly we are totally responsible for our life and even when our family give us base or not, we have to always learn more because when we start to live because we think sometimes like this life it's easy and like  fall because the life is more like this song of papa roach  “life can fuck your dream” we finish doom in this dead end job and not happy in life, Jim Rohn use to say work hard on your job you can make a living, work hard on yourself you can make a fortune, that totally true, from my experience what I learn in life I learn more by the buddha teaching than ever school show me.

Because the first fortune is to be happy in life, but to happy when we are surround by negative person our negative circumstance can be tricky but like nothing is impossible the more we learn about ourself and the more we learn we first change ourself and also in same time change our circumstance and that all part of the way.

The Buddha first teaching was the samsara is sufferance and that the most important teaching we should remember in life, the first happiness the ultimate one we should always seek for in same time in the same quest we should learn more and more to change our circumstance that like say Garchen Rinpoche keep the two eyes open we need both the spiritual and the material eyes open, that how work life and have always work like that.
That come back on the post of yesterday, play small don't serve others and don't serve yourself, yes ones again fit just in the society is deadly boring and we should recreate ourself everyday.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Play small don't serve others and yourself

We have to create culture, don't watch TV, don't read magazines, don't even listen to NPR. Create your own road show. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you're worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are dis empowered, you're giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told 'no', we're unimportant, we're peripheral. 'Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.' And then you're a player, you don't want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.”

Terence Mckenna

In our life we face challenge everyday ! We have to make a living to sustain ourself but most of the time in this routine possess we lose ourself .

In our capitalism culture we got all the tools to make the life we want to live, we have everything compare to some others countries.

We live like machine, we have to get a degree, get a job, get a dog, get wife/husband, get a car, get mortgage to be in the norm, but the norm what is this norm we can made our job, we can do whatever we want.

Since I have stop to watch the TV since now 5 years ago, so what's your life you really want be your own guide, be your own path.

We are in the society of media everyday we get brain watch, by everything and should we take the lead of our own life ?

Everything is possible that what we forget, we make our dream impossible simply because our daily routine .
So do we need to change our mind and change our approach ?

Yes we can change our view and open our mind wilder .

So don't forget your dream, don't play small, don't let other put you down be free . 


Nyingmapa("School of the Ancients") is the oldest of the Tibetan Buddhist schools and the second largest after Geluk. The Nyingma school is based primarily on the teachings of Padmasambhava, who is revered by the Nyingma school as the "second Buddha." Padmascambhava's system of Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism was synthesized by Longchenpa in the 14th century. The distinctive doctrine of the Nyingma school is Dzogchen ("great perfection"), also known as ati-yoga (extraordinary yoga). It also makes wide use of shamanistic practices and local divinities borrowed from the indigenous, pre-Buddhist Bon religion. Nyingma monks are not generally required to be celibate.

Life of the Buddha part 2

Five days after his birth, the young prince received the name of Siddhartha. When his parents took him to the temple, the statues of the gods prostrated themselves before him, great were the rejoicings of the people over the birth of this illustrious prince. Also at this time a devout old man named Asita came down from the Himalayas to meet the newborn prince. An ascetic of high spiritual attainments, Asita was particularly pleased to hear this happy news. Having been a tutor to the King, he visited the palace to see the royal baby. The king, who felt honoured by his unexpected visit, carried the child up to him in order to make the child pay him due reverence. To the surprise of all, the child's legs turned and rested on the matted locks of the ascetic.
Instantly, the ascetic rose from his seat and recognizing in the young child the 80 signs that are pledges to a highly religious vocation, and foreseeing with his supernormal vision the child's future greatness, saluted him with clasped hands. The Royal father did likewise. The great ascetic smiled at first and then was sad. Questioned regarding his mingled feelings, he answered that he smiled because the prince would eventually become a Buddha, an Enlightened One, and he was sad because he would not be able to benefit from the superior wisdom of the Enlightened One owing to his prior death and rebirth in a Formless Plane.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Look to the real devil inside

When problem arise we always look for something or someone to blame, when we cannot explain we call that devil .

But in buddhism the only devil is selfishness or ego, there's no one to blame except us, but the good thinks on that we are totally in control of our life a to z.

In some religion we think we have to drive by something, in buddhism that not the case we are in charge of life we change our mind our way to be to practice be better with others and so on.

So yes no excuse we can always change !

In our modern society we can be easily trap in selfishness and we should be always be ready to help others in some can of way, even if help isn't money we can always help others by give advices or simple talk.

So ego or self sharing isn't the future way for our society, if we look where we are just right now, all this crisis on some point are just cause and effect from past karma, so should we change the society may that something we cannot do but we can change ourself.

We can become better everyday and change that the way, we also let free of our ego, sometimes we ask ourself where come from all this sufferance in the same way when we understand the cause and effect we have create all of this, that mean also if we change on some way our circumstance will change that up to us.

Yes there's demon and so on, but the real devil is our ego the way we are act for the only sake of ourself more than for others. 

Simple formula : 

 Ego = soon or later or next life sufferance by all kind of way 

Bodhicitta = Better life for now and also plus right intention and dharma practice = Buddhahood = ultimate happiness for sake of all beings without exception 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

One taste

When we start the buddhism, we are all looking for high tantric path and so on it's part of the path it's something we all make mistake, we are not enlighten that part of the learning.

I make this post for those really interest taking the path seriously, it's like when we take the ladder we will not start at the end whatever path we have do our study in past, when we come to buddhism that something we have in background but that we not make us enlighten because we read billion of book on it.

We can read billion book about chocolate, we will never have the taste at least we work on everyday life, when we look on Milarepa or Je Tsongkhapa they have study dharma, live dharma, think dharma 24/7 .
So ask yourself the simple conmen seance Milarepa was meditating for day and month in same position and was studding dharma so what do in our century, we need all roof in top of our head that granted we have no choice so yes we should work for one reason some of us are made to be monks or nuns some not.
That all question of choices, some of us we will take the choice of have more fun and that all right, some of us will chose dharma and that also all right.

So the one question is what's our intention do we look for a powerful method to find fame, to become rich and dharma in that case isn't the way we should take, if we looking for power become somebody higher than other also not the good reason.

So what the Dharma is ?

The question is do we looking for happiness and the second question is what kind of happiness ?

Do we looking for the happiness of now have nice time or do we looking for the ultimate happiness for ourself and others.

Because in that case that the buddha dharma looking for happiness for others and ourself, that quest of compassion and wisdom there's no greater siddhis (power) than that .

When we take refuge we should ask ourself on that, when we looking for enlightenment we should ask ourself on that if our quest we are looking for power or compassion for really helping others in way that dharma.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The wheel of sharp weapons

The name of this work is The Wheel of Sharp Weapons Effectively Striking the Heart of the Foe.
I pay heartfelt homage to you, Yamantaka;
Your wrath is opposed to the Great Lord of Death. [1] 

(1) In jungles of poisonous plants strut the peacocks,
Though medicine gardens of beauty lie near.
The masses of peacocks don’t find gardens pleasant,
But thrive on the essence of poisonous plants.

(2) In similar fashion, [2] the brave bodhisattvas
Remain in the jungle of worldly concern.
No matter how joyful this world’s pleasure gardens,
These brave ones are never attracted to pleasures,
But thrive in the jungle of suffering and pain.
(3) We spend our whole lives in the search for enjoyment,
Yet tremble with fear at the mere thought of pain;
Thus since we are cowards, we are miserable still.
But the brave bodhisattvas accept suffering gladly
And gain from their courage a true lasting joy.
(4) Now, [3] desire is the jungle of poisonous plants here. [4] 
Only brave ones, like peacocks, can thrive on such fare.
If cowardly beings, like crows, were to try it,
Because they are greedy, they might lose their lives. [5]
(5) How can someone who cherishes self more than others
Take lust and such dangerous poisons for food?
If he tried like a crow to use other delusions, [6] 
He would probably forfeit his chance for release.
(6) And thus bodhisattvas are likened to peacocks:
They live on delusions - those poisonous plants.
Transforming them into the essence of practice,
They thrive in the jungle of everyday life.
Whatever is presented, they always accept,
While destroying the poison of clinging desire.
(7) Uncontrollable wandering through rounds of existence
Is caused by our grasping at egos as real.
This ignorant attitude heralds the demon
Of selfish concern for our welfare alone:
We seek some security for our own egos;
We want only pleasure and shun any pain.
But now, we must banish all selfish compulsion
And gladly take hardship for all others’ sake.
(8) All of our sufferings derive from our habits
Of selfish delusions we heed and act out.
As all of us share in this tragic misfortune,
Which stems from our narrow and self-centered ways,
We must take all our sufferings and the miseries of others
And smother our wishes of selfish concern.
(9) Should the impulse arise now to seek our own pleasure,
We must turn it aside to please others instead;
For even if loved ones should rise up against us,
We must blame our self-interest and feel it’s our due.
(10) When our bodies are aching and racked with great torment
Of dreadful diseases we cannot endure,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have injured the bodies of others;
Hereafter let’s take on what sickness is theirs.
(11) Depressed and forlorn, when we feel mental anguish,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have deeply disturbed minds of others;
Hereafter let’s take on this suffering ourselves.
(12) When hunger or violent thirst overwhelms us,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have kept what we had without sharing;
We have plundered and stolen and lured people on.
Hereafter let’s take from them hunger and thirst.
(13) When we lack any freedom, but must obey others,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have looked down on those who were lowly
And used them as servants for our own selfish needs;
Hereafter let’s offer our service to others
With humble devotion of body and life.
(14) When we hear only language that is foul and abusive,
This is the wheel of sharp weapons returning
Full circle upon us from wrongs we have done.
Till now we have said many things without thinking;


In our time we have all kind of paradox, we have full of pleasure but no time, we communicate by internet and so on but no real communication.
We have plenty of food but full of waste, if we look to every super market ask them what the do of the product out of dates, because most of this product can consumable.
Instead to send weapon to some country we should maybe send food, obesity is norm now, stress is full on everyday life so should we slow down a bit ?

When we look to our society should we take time to change at least for the next generation, most of our kids are brain wash by worry and violence both, the computer have take this huge place at home that when get up the first things we do it's open it .

In same time of that some people are really lonely, so we are in front of the screen and we do all kind of things but do we forget our humanity ?
We don't even know who are our neighbour we are so focus on talking on facebook and so on.

In same time there's 200 species ding everyday ! Should we maybe stop a bit have look on our surrendering, when I was kid I remember see bird of prey in the country they was wild now they start to decline.
Our kids are asset for the future, who take care of tree will made an asset for 1000 years, who take care of kids will make an asset 100 000 years Chinese proverb, education is the key and also taking care of our environment is the second key.

There's always something to improve in our life and we can always do better than what we do !  

Friday, 8 February 2013

Many path one buddha nature

Garchen Rinpoche say : we are link by karma to so many dharma including the buddha dharma and all this dharmas are good because they learn us to become kind.

I personally don't like the term religion for me that sound like bondage and something that block the mind, but the view like path whatever we use the term buddha or god if we realise that our own nature and not something exterior then we are on the path of freedom.

In my search of freedom I have study different aspect like the teaching of Ramakrishna are really great to open wild the mind and also the guru granth sahib from the sikh path, Dao te king have learn me a new vision.

What can be wrong, when we look to the world some moment like the new age mixing different path and that become something really not good.

The first thing we should know it's what is the path we like to carry on, then if we have the mind for we can see our path in all kind of teaching, like Buddha was see buddha nature on every beings, like Ramakrishna was saying many path but one god actually that meaning isn't literal, the meaning of this that mean many method to understand our true nature, all this path are all about making good deed for others.

“ O my mind, obtaining the blessing of this human birth, some are engages in the trade of truth”
Guru Nanak

“ Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth”
Buddha Shakyamuni

So whatever method ( path ) we use the result is same it's realize the truth and the peace and make good deed for others.

But we must first find our path, then other path if we don't take that intellectually can be just more beneficial, you will ask me why not take that intellectually for one reason that have to be resonate with your heart, that also the reason why new age movement have totally wrong because they don't resonate with the heart they take some view literally.

First our path have to a meaning for our search of truth, second a teaching from others path is not a method we usually don't mix method, that don't mean you cannot do yoga and practice the pray of the buddha dharma but that mean that will make a big mix in your head if we start to pray Buddha than after Shiva, because in buddhism we pray for the essence of the buddha and Shiva isn't a god but no more than an energy.

To put that together the method is simple :

First chose your path

Second learn your path

Third understand your path

Fours practice your path every single day

Five step if your mind accept and understand your path than you can have different teaching

Six don't take this teaching literally you heart and mind we do the work not your brain

Seven don't ever mix two views but understand in your own

this seven step are essential on my path one day I was really faraway from my lama and not even to be able to get in touch with him and I met a Sikh Guru and I still keep his teaching in my heart because he have been like lama for me, he show me everything, but all time I was in Sikh Temple my view on buddha nature never ever change, in my head was clear that all beings have buddha nature, I was meditating in Sikh temple and receive blessing and on my view the 10 gurus are 10 buddhas, later I have follow a teaching of Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and he say Buddha doesn't care about religion buddha can Jew Buddha or whatever tradition when they are enlighten they are buddha and we human make in difference between this religion but for a buddha there are no differences.
Since that teaching I keep my view of the 10 Sikh gurus are 10 buddhas, all of that have help me to carry on my path discover that martial arts was part of my path and they was Japanese so I have carry on my path but I keep always respectfully respect my own path and others path, if the teaching come from a pastor or a guru or lama I will take it that for go forward in life.

At the end that our own truth we have to find out and realise our buddha nature we can also call that realise god and so on whatever the way we take, but at the end that always make good deed for others, always be compassionate with others and so on.

Only warning don't ever look into others teaching if your lost in your own path take time meditate always meditate that the key.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bushido code

I will introduce you to the Bushido  the Bushido is more than just a code it's way of life that come along with the Buddhism .

The Bushido “ the way of warrior” is a code of moral and principle to follow

Seven Virtues of Bushido

Rectitude Gi

Courage Yuki

Benevolence Jin

Respect Rei

Honesty Makoto

Honour Meiyo

Loyalty Chugi

In the next post I will develop the warrior way in this new category Bushido  

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Life and death

Today something arise just few minutes ago and that remind me a death of someone I know, I was teenage at that time this guy was an example for me in Tae know do and he die in motorbike he was just a bit older than me was not the first time I meet the death in my life but this one was quite hardcore.

All of that to bring me to this subject because I still observe and be part of our society and we losing more and more values in the way, now I see kids become gangster at only 17 to 20 years old not all but still.

In this time of crisis prostitution just explode in Europe, when you see who was a Manager become a prostitute because she lost her job some question is to ask.

I'm not a philosopher but I'm what I call a yogi samurai I take the values in both Bushido and Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and this help me to see with a deep vision life, Sun Tzu in the art of war say to win a war we should learn to avoid it, but in our time we like to skip this part, we are in fearful society afraid to lose everything and we making war all over the world to ( help others) but when you look to the Mali there's uranium, Iraq Oil and so on .

But this isn’t just the west, east also when you look to China all they invest in Africa that not for charity, I look and that and when if we look deep we can really see that east and west are not to faraway.

When we look to the world we are in deep samsara and that a sadness of that, we all have the buddha nature whatever we do we cannot miss that opportunity and life  can be short really short, today you live tomorrow you die.

Some are afraid to have only one life so they make everything to grab everything they can but that not may the right choices, some know there's many life but they simply not do anything, some find karma as excuses and still not do anything so that bring back to the first think live like you have one life.

We born, we learn, we grab we die, that not meaningful life, when we die in that state of mind there's so many regrets and pain, our trust have to be spiritual whatever way we take, whatever label we undertake and we should develop deep love for each others more than just robe a piece and run, our world is strange but we cannot change it, but we can change ourself and also we can be more careful with the earth and others beings instate to act like a conqueror.

The Dalai Lama,
say if we look to human life we don't spend much in the earth compare to stars and all sort others beings so we should have a meaningful life.  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kindness don't have comfort zone

16) Even if someone for whom one has cared as lovingly as his own child regards
one as an enemy, to cherish that person as dearly as a mother does an ailing child
is the bodhisattvas’ practice

In the practice 16 of the 37 practice of bodhisattvas, we have to cared for our enemy, that something not usual because,when there's disturbance someone become opponent.

If we look to the saints of time like the Karmapa or the Dalai lama or Mother Theresa, they never ever stop to be kind, even when for the Karmapa and Dalai lama there country have been taken by the Communist party they continue to be kind.

Mother Theresa was not in such and such mood in morning and she was not able to have compassion for this poor kids in India she was kind all the time.

So do we found some excuses to not be kind ?

The big one is we are not realise buddha, buddha was not realise buddha but he was able to generate compassion for others, so maybe we find some excuses on that.

Our Greatest Fear 

it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won't feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson

Like Marianne Williamson say that not our darkness that most frighten us but our light, we are in this society we are afraid to be good, but when we are around such person as Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje or Garchen Rinpoche we feel really what is compassion and pure love without calculation and have this strange feeling.

Yes discover compassion and love is the most precious asset we can have, in deeper level, when we are compassionate nothing bad can touch us, if we are lead by emotion then we suffer we have to develop this roots like a tree everyday and ground ourself .

Compassion is an all time this not one time thing we generate all time compassion not one time.