Wednesday, 23 April 2014

When Dharma isn't enough

Are you ready to reed that one if not just don't even read because that one you will have to face yourself buddhist or not.

First let's talk buddhist one reflection I here a lot is yeah dharma is this or that, closely after that one I here the big excuse of that karma.

We westerner and easterner have that tendency to this the lama like : Coach, couple adviser, relationship adviser, finance adviser, banker, mortgage adviser and I can continue the list for long time.

So back on lama is great powerful but he want you also to move your ass servilely, karma mean action nothing more nothing less, I know I will heard ho the shitty life I have got is due my past life, good and what you do for changing that ?
We all practice that good but guess what we need also of taking care of ourself, one of the bodhisattva practice say so if you are not able to taking care of oneself how you just wish to take care of others.

Second thing I saw strangely some us like the comfit sit in temple, one I saw recently was that one I feel great alone great so why the lama ask you to find someone if that not to maybe move yourself out of the comfort zone.

I saw loads of that I'm buddhist I'm broke and I cannot got for teaching, maybe it's time to ask yourself what you need to change in your life the lama will give you good practice to do but if you can accumulate much Dzambhala mantra.
If you are not able to see what is wrong in your life how you want change something at all.

Couple in dharma OK when one don't find the excuse to blame the other and them when the lama say that the karma first reaction “ah I was right to break with that woman or that man” yes the lama will told you unconditional love will help that the pure truth, in same time a couple is two persons so how if you are not able to face that not just one who get the blame and the other is right, in real life specially in couple we are both responsible no matter what.
Maybe we are to much hypocrite with ourself to face that someone a psychologist or couple adviser can show us what we don't want see.
Trust me since I'm study hardly a psychology most of us need to work ourself super deep to find some real clue in dharma after.

My favourite the critical dharma practitioner, must find critic in everything and everyone call miss of confidence. Also other face of that one is bit fanatic able to criticize other religion saying that is bad to be Muslim and so on without seeing that is just putting a big finger in his eyes in same time because whatever religion you are, whatever mistake you make you still got the buddha nature.

We think because we practice buddha dharma we hold the truth back on earth, you may be got the torch that point you to the truth but the map is bit different of the territory.
We like just run out of life saying now I'm pure I'm dharma practitioner I'm this, so why in our society today we got pure bodhisattva who are just lay and don't even want hear about title or whatever.
I look to the fire brigade how those guys save life and ask yourself when you start to run out in your life what did so good you did for the society today ?
Because Karmapa say there's no difference between a good buddhist and good person, meaning for me isn't just enough to go to temple like Christian church and say I'm done now I can comeback selfish again.
As practitioner we have do to our daily practice but also we got all a piece in our society so yeah we all shout like Captain America of Facebook “hooo pour being please do something for them be this or that” guess what who you try to convince ?
Because as I know if you take those who come to dharma teaching taking the rock start of buddhism the Daily lama he don't fill up the stadium like Lady Gaga does sad truth but real.
Count how many people come to the dharma teaching in your town and you are lucky if you can count your two hands together.
So who are you trying to convince except yourself, remind also that people come to coaching are also rare so if you want be Captain America or Wonder Woman no other way that be brave face your shit and move your life to average to greatness as I know our small like in our miserable facebook page don't move a lot of people.
But I do know that Bono or Jay Z or whatever say something granted you that everybody will follow, but we are also good we buddhist to say that their karma but next life, guess what next Jay Z life that guy have help half of New York and give more money to charity that you have ever give in one day so yeah next life for him will be even better just because in this life he took charge and say fuck karma I believe and just do it.

Prayer is something but without action there's just wishful thinking, follow by action prayer are super powerful because our mind and let's call that the Toa will always comeback at you.
All of this start by changing yourself, you can preach whatever compassion to other if you never applying to yourself “What the point to you to see all this great teaching” ?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Enough dark to see the stars

Dear friends that’s long time I don't have been writing here, I am happy to put finally that new blog out . I am deeply thankful for my masters Karmapa Trinley Taye Dorje and Garchen Rinpoche for there kindness and powerful teaching they gave me.

When hardship make you stronger to love other and help them, in that way I don't speak only about dharma that can be applied to all areas of your life.

We see hardship as a bad things sometimes can bad experience that true that bad experience and in the middle of that usually stay something we don't see yet can be anything.

For me hardship in my own experience have help me to go forward in what told me Garchen Rinpoche be totally compassionate and loving by his life experience have truly inspire me to become like that no matter what.

We can learned, we can bring sometimes out of the blue, we are on such place and there's that annoying guy who speak with lot of F words and we got that two solution pop up into our head punch him or let's talk to that guy because maybe he got a challenge to in his life.

Like Eric Thomas say, “if we want succeed we have to man up” see on that way that simply means take charge of our life, I knew many dharma practitioner saying this is samsara or that is samsara, one of my question to Garchen Rinpoche was that when he was in Edinburgh and strangely he told me that, “Relationship best way to practice the 6 paramitas, Work best way to practice patience and the list like that was long” so yes I know a Dharma temple is cosy and we can find excuses to not take charge of our life I agree with that and the question at the end do we really live our life ?

We like to live in that state of mind of scarcity it's protective to be what we know and the unknown can be scary sometimes. I agree and respect, what if we open the door a little bit and start to see the light out there. We like keeping rocks in our pocket we forget sometimes the diamond isn't that far from us.

Following that now hardship become blessing, in every experience we can learn if you poison yourself ones you will be careful next times. Also if we drive badly and get cut we learned to drive carefully in that we have also to learn to get attached to our past experience, every person we met is different if one have make you suffer don't mean that second person will do the same.

For dharma practitioner one things Garchen Rinpoche learn me was to get out of the comfort zone and that work not just for dharma I mean that work for everything.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wake up

So this morning I was thinking about a new blog . I was on facebook when I see horrify how some buddhist think about Islam. Garchen Rinpoche say that the bigger samaya is love and lost it is lose dharma.

So when I see some Dharma Brothers and Sisters say I HATE ISLAM that give me some worry because they lost totally there samaya and also lost the path.

Be clear that when we look to history Holy and War have been to much friendly but put holy and war together that pure wrong view.

Whatever we label our-self Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu if we don't work our path in peace maybe we are in the wrong way.

Sincerely I have spend long time with Garchen rinpoche in November and his teaching base in true love are real. We forget how we can jump so easily to hate and destroy not just our samaya but ourself and others .

This don't excuse Taliban in Afghanistan but that also don't excuse Christian who are extremist or Buddhist or Hindu sorry to harsh but whatever your label is if you follow the extreme way like do a crusader or Taliban or whatever you are not in the way you looking for no more than power.

There's no excuse on that doing wrong is doing wrong and whatever you call yourself if on one point you pray compassion and on the other you pray hate Islam ask yourself that do I doing right ?

Cause and effect never fail hate will bring more hate no mater what we call ourself. Life purpose is to find enlightenment in our time we have also to find peace with ourself and others.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What are you ready to do to help someone

Afghan code of honor known as Pashtunwali. Among its main principles includes providing asylum to a person against his enemies and to protect him at all costs.

Today I have been to cinema long time I don't have see a movie and I have decide to see alone survivor, I knew the story since I have see many documentary about what's happened and still happening in Afghanistan.

The bravery of Muhammed Gulab is pure example of real bodhichitta, he save Marcus Luttrel without thinking and it's most important as Taliban still exist in Afghanistan he still face death sentence for this action.

In that story there's more than just the story of a person saving another but more the question of are we ready to do the same are we brave enough ! We all play philosopher and talk about bodhichitta all day long but when it's time to action sometimes we forget really our bodhichitta.

On the other side was Marcus Luttrel a soldier and same he lost all his brother in arm and with many wounds and gunshot have been able to manage to survive.
See this that remind me my math tutor saying we have nothing to complain about we just do our job or our little life if we want to succeed we can we are just lazy and not dedicate.
Seeing the bravery of Muhammed Gulab and the dedication of Marcus Luttrel on my part was really big dharma teaching.
Be honest in start to of that movie there's a training of Navy Seals and just the training is hell push the body so much that you become someone else and you know what are all capable of that we just put our body and our mind so low that we just give up.

In our spiritual path both braveness and total dedication is need it that part of the our balance we have to both taking care of our self and others.
Without forgetting our siblings and family in our world today we do what we can but that not a reason to find excuse, if we have time to go to pub it's also easy to take time to work for a charity.
If we found time for smoking and destroy our body it's easy to find time to do the good things yes most of our time we dedicate to self and forget other.

Raise of depression in the west is simply due to that Anthony Robbins say that when you hit the red light of depression is time to ask yourself what do you have really do for others and in same time also say when touch the orange light of dedication toward what you want them you will know that to go to the green light there's no other choice to dedicate yourself both for you and others.

To finish this is simple what are really able to do for others. ? 

Friday, 31 January 2014

Get out of addiction



In our world today we got all kind of addiction, be honest with you if not Tabaco or Alcohol there’s many other we can say.

So first is to be compassionate with our self because addiction come with emotions and yes it’s possible to get rib off it but first is to analyse when that come from.


What have make us fall in that can be love, pain anything .


What we have to know that when we have analyse that we have to understand how this addiction is working, then because addiction is also habit we need to work out to change this habit for a new one.  And that a work of everyday working on why we decide to take for that instead of taking care of our health.

When we know that it’s important to train our mind out of the addiction and working with that slowly the habit will change and the addiction also will transmute to something else.


But careful soon we let go sometimes we will sometimes come back again so until that addiction is out we need work every day with it without let go or without giving up.

Happy Losar 2014

Happy new year all may the Horse year be good with everybody may everybody have better life and love and health. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

You attract the person you are

How we portray ourselves is the reaction we will receive back from others. Change yourself and change the world around you. ~Tsem Rinpoche

When we come to talk about all kind of relationship, sometimes we ask ourself on why I only meet this kind of person always.

If we like to have try just look at your surrounding friends, partner and them look at yourself on what is the dominant emotion and you will start to notice that friend or partner have strangely the same emotion that you have .

That is just the start usually when we take a couple for example, a couple we not just share the same view but the same kind of emotion.

Them we can ask what's happening when we change, same things if you start to be in change of life, emotion more accepting yourself for some point, you will have immediate connection with friends or new friends who are the same looking for the same things.

So now how this happened, let's say past life karma is our experience of now, but is mix also with our instant karma when they both meet sometimes that can give something that I can call funny.

The day you deicide to change all your life over get ready to have not just change in you but also change outside.

In the end as say Tsem Tulku Rinpoche change ourself, change our world the first day we start to change everything change and we make it happened everyday in good or bad choices.